Nurturing those in need to soar in Christ

Spiritual support & encouragement with special emphasis on military & military families, as well as those in physical or emotional battles (such as cancer, long-term illness), & those who grieve.

Our Story

In February 2005, I had a vision which changed my life. My name is Elizabeth Fulgaro and I am the Founder of Eagles Nest Foundation.

Many are providing tangible food and snacks to troops fighting the War on Terror. Eagles Nest was founded to provide spiritual food in the form of original worship music, books, prayers, prayer groups and devotions. 

We are looking for more groups sending to deployed troops with which to partner. Do you know of a group sending packages to troops who would like to include spiritual suppport? Do you know chaplains serving who would welcome free Worship Toolkit giftbags to give to servicemembers under their pastoral care? Contact us and read more about what Eagles Nest is doing...


There are so many non-profits founded for good causes. Holy Spirit knows who is to contribute to which.


Pray. Listen interiorly. Is He calling you to support Eagles Nest Foundation?

Get Involved

Eagles Nest is a community. We welcome your support to pray, help pack Worship Toolkits, write mini notes of encouragement, or prayer, and help pay for shipping and supplies. Are you called to be part of Eagles Nest Foundation?  Reach out. Email us at:


Looking for chaplains, who are looking for more tools with which to spiritually support their troops.

Contact us!

Women  Veterans Day Retreat

Women Veteran's Day Retreat in Northern California, May 5, 2018

Pray with us!

Eagles Nest Facebook page offers ministry updates as well as posted prayers to pray along for troops, veterans, military families and families of the fallen. Cover them in prayer for what they do for us.

Join in!

Latest Project

The first copies of Truth: Spiritual Manual for Battle have arrived and been packed into Worship Toolkits for delivery to military and military families. If you are doing a pack-out to deployed troops or are part of the Christian faith family within the military community, please connect for free Worship Toolkits. Email:

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