"I Will Be Their Covering..."


by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro, Founder

Power of Prayer

I am not military, but our Lord has called me into His service to serve especially those who serve. On February 18, 2004, at a small group Bible study, the other three participants felt led to lay hands on me and pray I begin hearing (composing) new worship songs the Lord wanted released. The next day I began composing volumes, but had no idea what to do with the songs He was giving me, except to use them in our Bible study.

Composing "Stand Up"

In April 2005, still heavily composing (and I’m still heavily composing in 2018), while on a walk, I was talking (praying) to the Lord and told him the men and women fighting the Global War on Terror needed a song to remind them the war was about more than whether or not there were weapons of mass destruction hidden. There was a spiritual war underlying it, just as it underlies everything else. God is Victor, but in this world, in this life is a battle. I asked Him to give someone a song like the Battle Hymn of the Republic had been for the Civil War. A few minutes later, I suddenly and unbidden heard a song drop into my mind, “We will fight for freedom, we will fight the war. Where enemies have vanished they will be found. No more will they attack us, we stand up to fight....Stand up! Stand up! Stand up and fight!”

Well, there was more. He downloaded the entire song, “Stand Up” just like that. I let Him know I wasn’t sure I liked it. I had been thinking about lyrics which were more beautiful than these. In addition, I hadn’t expected to compose the song. Wasn’t someone else supposed to do that? Hmmm...Guess not... Now what?! I prayed about, sang the song while recording it onto a cassette tape, wrote out a very rough copy of the notes representing the song melody and rhythm and sent this with a letter to the President of the United States. Both President George W Bush and his wife wrote me back separeately, thanking me for sending the song. But though I had told them to use it to support those fighting the Global War on Terror, it was not God’s plan for it to be their role to do so. It was mine...

At the time, I didn’t know what else to do. I waited.


Vision and God-Assignment

Then after responding to a request by a Marine that I pray for him during his first deployment to Iraq, in February 2005, the Lord gave me an open-eye vision (looking at the softball field at our children’s school and seeing something completely different instead). It was of a group of troops marching in a desert. As I watched them move in formation, He laid on my heart if I would get the patriotic Christian song “STAND UP” & some of the new worship music “over there”, He would be their covering, He would hem them in before and behind, He would be the banner over them and shine His Light in the dark places so the enemy was more easily found. That vision that day changed the trajectory of my life. A trained personal finance professional, delighted to be at home raising my husband and my children, now I had to discover God’s way to get this music produced and “over there” (whatever “over there” meant).

I also had no idea what He wanted me to do. I was almost 47 years old. I had always loved music and liked to sing, but had not been involved in music really since high school 30 years before. Even then I had not been a top-notch musician and though in choir the final two years, I had not been a soloist. I had these melodies and lyrics but had no idea how to arrange them so they could be used and lacked the skill based to adequately notate them. I knew no one in the military really. No music production or distribution connections. No ideas...

Therefore, I prayed. I prayed all the time. I asked the Lord while listening fervently, to show me what to do. For instance, with whom to make connections. Following wherever the Spirit led, I talked to new people every day, looking for which possibility would work out. A year later, in January 2006, I cried out to God that I had done everything He had asked of me and still, He had not gotten me any closer to production of the music into whatever form He wanted so that it could get “over there”. I reminded Him getting this done was His job. Not mine. I also promised Him, that whatever “door” He opened to make this possible, that I would walk through it. Oh my...famous last words...

The Lord Opens His Door for Music Production

The next DAY my friend, Ellen, called to tell me about a recording studio newly opened in her area, which she had read about in a local magazine. They were looking for people and she could not get me out of her mind.

This was incredible. And I was terrified. On many levels. Not the least of which was low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. But I had promised the Lord...So, I had to, right? Oh, thank You, Lord! And ugh...

Michael Everett at The Creation Lab in Turlock, California agreed to work with me and lend his immense production and musical talents to the songs. This all seemed too wonderful and too much at the same time. And I hired him. (I had promised the Lord, if He would enable progress, I would do whatever opportunity He remembered.)

I have been richly blessed. From 2006-early 2018 he has helped me produce ovre 15 albums of mostly original worship music, and of course, the song, "Stand Up". This music is of a beauty and professional caliber of which I never even would have dreamt.

10+ Years Providing Spiritual Food

Eagles Nest Foundation continues its part of fulfilling the mission by receiving donations to help pay for the music and shipping and facilitating getting the spiritual tools the Lord has me create to those for whom He intends. For though primarily worship music, it is not just worship music. There are also books, which now accompany the music, as well as Bible studies. I write a devotional blog and host FB inspirational and prayer pages to provide more immersion into God’s way and perspective to help those who seek it to become even more spiritually resilient.


Over the years, Eagles Nest Foundation has sent out over 12,000 cd copies of “Stand Up” and various worship albums dependent upon need. There are shipments to deployed troops, to their families and families of the fallen, to veterans and in smaller measure to those fighting other battles, like cancer and recovering from hard circumstances, as well as those who grieve.  Packages are mailed out individually. However, most often Eagles Nest partners with groups already sending packaged to the deployed, or sends Worship Toolkits filled with music, books and other encouraging, inspiring, God-relationship-deepening materials to those who will be handing out Eagles Nest gift bags in bulk to the specific indiviuals with whom they have relationship or they serve.

Think of it as providing dried fruit, or preserved spiritual food. The songs, books and encouragement arrive as a package of spiritual sustenance often in very dry places and extreme mental and emotional battles.

Since the founding of Eagles Nest Foundation, the Lord as made clear that providing spiritual support--spiritual sustenance to those who hunger and thirst--in the form of tools so they can draw closer to Him is one of our main roles.

Eagles Nest does not force feed, but is there for those who want it. The Eagles Nest slogan is:


Nurturing Those in Need to Soar in Christ

Because if we can increase in our ability to see life from God’s perspective (by drawing closer to Him), we will soar in all circumstances, the Eagles Nest key verse is Isaiah 40:31:

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles...”


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For HIS glory!

Elizabeth Fulgaro, Founder